Christmas Cards w/free printables

Here is the first batch of Christmas cards I have made! Yay. Love this time of year. If you want to print the Merry Christmas paper or cards just scroll down to the bottom of this post, right click on the photo you want, click ‘save as’ and then print. They are made for 8.5×11 paper. =) Below are the cards I made in Cricut Craft Room with the cartridge used. If you would like my .cut file just comment here or on pinterest and I will be happy to share it with you! Have fun & Merry Christmas crafting!!!

Square Christmas Tree from Cricut Cartridge Designer Calendar

24024Scalloped Christmas Tree from Cricut Craft Room Basics


22022Round Tree from Cricut Cartridge Designer Calendar














There’s No Place Like Home Base

There Is No Place Like Home BaseHere is a fun, bold and super easy layout commemorating my son’s first time over home plate. Isn’t he adorable?!!! Just like his Daddy!

Papers Used:

Brown Leather by Hot of the Press

My Mind’s Eye Lost & Found Breeze “Precious” Train Paper

My Mind’s Eye Lost & Found Dolled Up “Princess” Delicate Paper (shh…don’t tell my son!)

Color Bok Cardstock

Cricut Cartridges Used:

Opposites Attract Font-Opposite & Shadow features. Welded in Cricut Craft Room @ 1.25 inches

Boys Will Be Boys (Bat, Ball & Glove) Basic plus Layer features

Tags, Bags, Boxes & More (Bases)

Other Supplies:

Tim Holtz Distress Ink in Old Paper

Color Box Chalk Stamp Pad in Chestnut Roan

Photoshop Elements 10 (baseball graphic)

You can get a .cut file HERE

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Daddy’s Girl

Daddy's GirlSo I don’t know about you, but when I am in need of inspiration I Google scrapbook pages in image search and scroll until I find something that I want to scraplift. Sometimes, I will do a cartridge search and then click on images. The main issue I have is seeing a page or a specific embellishment that I like and knowing that I have that particular cartridge, I spend so long looking for the image that I lose steam. But that is just me. To make this a little easier for you, if you are feeling in a scraplifting kind of mood, I’ve listed the cartridges I used and the specific image.  Once again, I’m mixing it up and not following the rules of design but I still don’t care because I love this page. I am trying to get through a crapload of pictures still in need of a home so I am focusing on single page layouts.

Here is a list of cartridges that I used and below that will be a list of papers. Because (as usual) it is mostly My Minds Eye (most awesome cardstock ever). Crafty Steals is a great place to stock up. You can sign up for their daily deals at CraftySteals.com and you can like their Facebook page HERE to see their posts. While you’re at it, go on and like my page HERE and you can find me on Pinterest too! I have included links so you can see what I am talking about but, if you are looking to buy, you should Google search under shopping to find better deals.  Thank you so much for reading and I hope you are having an awesome day!


Gypsy Wanderings

  • White Scalloped Edge- (Decor Tag-Mug1)
  • Yellow Scalloped Edge (Decor Tag-Rabbit)
  • Tag Edge (Decor Tag-Scrl3)

Plantin Schoolbook

  • Top Layer (card)
  • Leaves (Roly Poly-leaf)

Calligraphy Collection

  • Bottom Layer- (Basic-Image3)
  • Flower (Matrimony-Image6)

Easter 2010 (free in CCR)

  • White Scalloped Doily (Doily3)
  • Yellow Doily (Doily2)

Winter Is In The Air Seasonal

  • Bracket-(Bracket1)

Cricut Alphabet (free in CCR)

  • Damask Doily (Doily7)

Cricut Essentials (free in CCR)

  • Flower (Flower4)


Printed Paper

My Minds Eye:

Lost & Found TwoMiss Caroline-All Dolled Up (yellow elements)

Lost & Found Madison Avenue (pink elements)

Lost & Found Union Square (plaid)

Lost & Found Two Sunshine (damask)

White Linen paper by Reflections Signature Special

Additional Embellishments

Brads by MME’s Miss Caroline Collection

Tags printed in Photoshop Elements 10 using HastyHMK font downloaded free from California Fonts

Sheer Pink Ribbon by Glitz through Pick Your Plums daily deals sign up on Facebook HERE


Breaking All The Rules


Did you know that there are rules to follow when making a scrapbook page or design in general?  Maybe you have heard some: the rule of thirds. Three textures. Three colors. Three papers. Group embellishments in threes and fives. Create sections in halves. Maintain balance…Blah Blah Blah the list goes on…Google it if you don’t believe me. There are actual E-classes to teach you how to scrapbook following the rules.

I say to hell with it. Throw caution to the wind. Forget the rules. Do whatever you like, however you like and who cares if someone else doesn’t like it. I am not a rule follower. I enjoy breaking the rules. I enjoy marching to the beat of a different drummer, thinking outside the box, being a rebel, and all of the other clichés that I have been described with. So what. I am a happier person this way. And my pages still kick ass.

For these scrapbook pages I intentionally used patterns and colors that don’t go together. I put as many pictures as I felt like. I didn’t make them different sizes. I laminated everything. And (GASP) I didn’t even use acid free tape. God forbid!

In this first page “The Things You Say” I used Cricut Cartridge Boys Will Be Boys for the die cut lettering, arrows and dots, and Plantin Schoolbook for the frames. For the font, I downloaded Carnivalee Freakshow from California Fonts, added stroke, bevel and inner glow in Photoshop.

Other Supplies I used are Rangers Glossy Accents (a lot of it!), Tim Holtz by Ranger stamp pad in Old Paper, and all of the cardstock is by various collections of My Minds Eye. By far my favorite brand. I also used Martha Stewart’s fine glitter and, of course, Photoshop Elements 10 (still the best hundred bucks I’ve ever spent).



IMG_0549 copy

In this SeaWorld page, I didn’t even use a title or journal….nothing. It pretty much speaks for itself. I used the paper bags I got from the gift shop and it was kind of awesome that the two I got were different. I laminated them, made pockets and put probably 30 pics in each pocket. GASP. I don’t care…who goes to SeaWorld and not take hundreds of pictures?

Again, I used various papers by My Minds Eye. The embellishments are from Glitz Design, MME, Basic Grey and Kimemories, taken apart, mixed and matched and remastered. Most of which I got in a grab box from Pick Your Plum.  The laminator I use is by Scotch brand. You can pick up a pretty nifty one at Wal-Mart for 25 bucks.


Have an awesome time breaking the rules, going with the flow, whatever floats your boat….

Thank you so much for reading! You can find me on Pinterest & Facebook too!


Beaded Mats & Ornaments

Supplies Used:

8mm faceted beads (I got mine at Amazon)

Fishing Line (stolen from the tackle box)

Needle (I use a yarn darner because it has a big eye)

Seems to me that this is a lost art form. I am doing my part to revive it =) It is time consuming but is easily done in front of the TV so long as you continuously check your work. I have failed to do that a few times and it sucks to have to undo it. It is possible to reinforce the string around the circle but it is a pain in the a**. So check your work =) Also, you don’t have to use a continuous line to bead on. I use a short piece of line because it is easier for me.  Simply tie it off on a formed circle and push your needle to your starting point.

Click on any picture below for a step by step tutorial.

Thank you for reading!


Funny Sign!

For the second time, I was lucky enough to grab a mystery box from Pick Your Plum! Yay ME. This naked metal sign and naked metal hook was in the box along with a plethora of other craft supplies. My hoard just got bigger.

About This Project:

Using Cricut Craft Room can be frustrating but not nearly as frustrating as Cricut Design Studio. I was apprehensive about making the switch initially. I even ordered the E2 and then sent it back because I just didn’t get it. Now that I know my way around the Craft Room, I find it much more efficient and user-friendly compared to CDS. The feature I love most is the layers and with this project I used that feature a lot. First, I measured the sign and then placed rectangles on my mat that corresponded with the measurements. On another layer, I designed my signs. It makes it so much easier to do projects like this. I then cut my vinyl and used transfer paper to place the vinyl and I was done! Nice! By the way, the vinyl and transfer paper also came from Pick Your Plum. If you aren’t already a member, you should be!

This would have been a quick project but I had a lot of operator errors along the way. For whatever reason, probably emotions running high since we are at the tail end of this deployment, I started this project with “Remember, when you leave this house, you are loved”. Then, I realized that was just too mushy coming from this anti-mushy girl so I started all over. This suits our family much better!

Cricut Cartridges Used:

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Easy Table Bases & Box Valance

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Bring out your inner Lincoln Log Lover!

These tables are made from 3x3x8  Landscape Timbers

I cut the timber into 18 inch lengths and, starting from the bottom, placed the logs as I wanted then measured three inches in and placed the next stack. I drilled a hole and nailed them together with 4 inch galvanized nails. Once I had the first two stacks, I didn’t measure anymore. Just winged it and stacked until I was at the height I wanted. I did go through all of my logs looking for the two that were the coolest looking to be my top stack. The one that is visible under the glass. This project cost me nothing because the wood was left over from some outdoor projects my husband was doing and the glass from a neighbor that didn’t want it anymore.  This project was super easy but super heavy so be careful!

The box valance is another story when it comes to price, depending on the fabric. I splurged on this particular fabric but I’ve used it throughout my house including my concrete block shelves in the dining room. The window here is 11 feet long. I used a 4×12 foot board cut to size. I simply stapled the fabric on the wood then placed it on shelf brackets. I made mine so that, if I want to, I can put curtains on spring rods between the shelf brackets. The hard part was the sewing. Not my forte!


Homecoming Iron Ons

Anybody excited about homecoming? I know I am!!!

This is for our countries finest! Please comment and feel free to share!

Just right click, save and set your printer to mirror image and print on transfer paper.  Enjoy!


Quick Scrap–Bringing Up Brandon

 In my world there is never really a ‘quick scrap’. My friend, Laura, that got me into scrapping originally, is a speed scrapper. I envy her ability to do entire books in a matter of days. It takes me a week to complete one page. But…I do use this time saving technique: I use the exact same design from one project to the next. For example, this design is the same as the one from  Dictionary Scrap.  I simply cut it on different paper. That scrap took longer because I made all of the embellishments but for this page I used pre-made embellishments. I got these from Peachy Steals. Five packs of My Minds Eye Lost & Found Brads for ten bucks. Can’t beat that!  I don’t think I used any of the embellishments as they were from the package. I tend to take a little from here and a little from there and switch them up until it suits my fancy!

Supplies Used:
Glossy Accents by Ranger
Tim Holtz Distress Ink in Old Paper
Studio G Ink in Black (Wal-Mart)
The Paper Studios Black Textured Cardstock
The Paper Studios  Harper’s Boutique  (Hobby Lobby)

Cartridges Used:
Plantin Schoolbook
Home Accents
Gypsy Font


Just For Kids, Just For Fun

Whenever I am making something that is turning out good enough to post I start listing where the product I use came from in my head. In this case, and didn’t even realize when I started, just about all of the main products came from, you guessed it. Pick Your Plum. If you aren’t signed up for their email or their Facebook page, then you aren’t interested in great deals on unique items. No, I am not a paid spokesperson. I am merely addicted and I fear I will walk in my door someday to find a surprise intervention and being forced to go to PYP Anonymous! BUT… I only order stuff that I think I will use. Which is just about everyday. I am not responsible for what they post. Not my fault they are endlessly fabulous.

Supplies I used:
3×3 naked wood tiles
Black vinyl
Black Chalkboard Vinyl
Dry Erase Vinyl
Blackboard Letters by Cosmo Cricket (from PYP)
Stamp Pads (mine are from Stampabilities)
Cricut Cartidges Plantin Schoolbook & Printing 101
Cricut Design Studio or Cricut Craftroom
Adhesive backed ribbon
Wood Glue
balsa wood cut to size
Two little kids that get bored easily

I feel kind of silly writing a tutorial. I imagine that anyone that reads my posts are crafty and intelligent enough to figure it out.  I will say that the TicTacToe board is 12×12 and I put those little sliders on the bottom so it won’t scratch the door turned table in my craft room (another redo, another post coming soon). I made five each of the X’s and O’s so there wouldn’t be any fights. In CDS I made a 3 inch square, fit my letters into it then deleted the square. For the double sided clipboard without the clip, the vinyl came 8×12 so I cut the boards 8×12, waste not want not. I sanded the edges of all the wood. I’m not trying to give my kids splinters. For the tile holder, I used wood glue and held it until it dried. I got lucky with the tiles fitting so perfectly. I was thinking that if there were more tiles to fit in there, you could glue two together at the bottom and then the two sides on and just stack them horizontally instead of vertically. Easy Peasy Punkin Pie.

Hope you enjoyed this post! I sure appreciate you checking my stuff out.