Concrete Block Shelves….A Thing Of Beauty

Beauty? Really?

No…really. I have a long wall in my dining room…see….

This picture was taken a year ago when we first moved in. What do you do with a wall that long, you ask? I don’t know what you would do but this is what I did. First, I painted away the beige. I do not like beige.  I meticulously chose a color that would flow with all of the beer signs, Coke stuff & chili pepper stuff my husband and I have collected over the years. My husband and I have very different tastes. I like things to match and flow. He likes every room to be different. I handle that discrepancy by waiting until he is gone to do stuff! Muahaha!!

So I needed shelves to go here because along with all of the other crap we collect, we have a shot/pub glass collection. The irony, we don’t drink very often!!! You would think, walking into our house, that we are raging alcoholics…eh, maybe when we retire!! =)

I found these boards in the rafters of our garage. Nothing fancy. After scrubbing the cockroach and mouse poop off of them, they will work just fine. Seriously, this house was disgustingly dirty when we moved in. Years of filth.

Concrete Blocks
Coordinating Nylon Rope
U-Glue  (AWESOME stuff!!!)

Start by putting your fabric on the brick. Being the cheap person that I am, I cut my fabric to cover only three sides. One side will be against the wall so there is no need to cover it. I used as little fabric and U-Glue that I could. I then used a piece of U-Glue to adhere one end of rope to the brick. Then wrap pulling the rope tight. You can push the rope up to fill in the gaps but do it as you go. It is difficult once it is all wrapped on there. At least, I had difficulty but that is pretty common for me!

I had two 10 foot boards. So I did six blocks. You have to have a center support or it will sag. I put pieces of leftover fabric on the bottom (not with glue, I just threw it on the floor and put a block on top.)Put a board on top. Put your next three blocks on, Put a board on top. Put your next three blocks on, positioning them directly over the bottom blocks. You can’t stagger them. My boards were warped so it was a little unstable at first. I moved onto another project for a few days before I put the glasses on. If you have warped wood, you might want to do the same.


I Googled what do do with a concrete block and did not come up with anything like this on the internet so this is officially the very first original. I am proud. Feel free to do this too, I just ask that you link back to me if you post it somewhere on the internet.

3 thoughts on “Concrete Block Shelves….A Thing Of Beauty

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hey Kim! I made concrete block shelves in my basement to house my millions of books… Sad to say, they aren't pretty like yours. Thanks for a great idea – if/when we move, I will be sure to "upgrade" my shelving before (re)assembling… :D-Fran P


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